What Is The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss?

whey1Everybody knows that when you are hitting the gym on a regular basis in an attempt to improve your body composure, you’re going to have to get involved with proteins at some point or another. The three macro nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids. In recent years, there has been a transition from low fat, low protein, high carb diets to low carb, high protein, high fat diets. And rightfully so… both protein and fat are the better two macro nutrients of the two if you ask me. Carbs… you don’t them as much as you think. And you certainly don’t need as many as you think.

What Foods Are High In Protein?

whey2Eating a healthy diet that is rich in protein can be hard. There aren’t a whole lot of food stuffs out there that are protein rich. You’ve got turkey, tuna, eggs, nuts and cottage cheese and that’s just about it. Thankfully, getting plenty of protein in your diet is now easier than ever. The best protein shake powder sources for burning fat and gaining muscle for shredding have flooded the market in recent years.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a girl, woman, boy or man. Skinny, fat, young or old. Everybody thrives on protein. There are many top rated whey protein isolate, concentrate bars, shakes and powders out there that will quench your thirst for protein. And when I say ‘quench your thirst’, I actually mean that they will make you feel saturated really well. The great thing about protein, especially the whey variant, is that it keeps your metabolism going strong all day long and it makes you feel saturated. You’ll snack less and you’ll be burning more calories just for eating proteins rather than carbs.

Even the cheapest zero carb whey protein breakfast powder for building muscle will still cost you at least thirty bucks per month. The high end ones are about twice as expensive. So it’s going to cost you about one or two bucks a day. One dollar fifty if you’re choosing to go down the middle road.

Does Post Workout Whey Protein Powder For Bulking Up And Gaining Muscle Make You Fat?

It doesn’t have to if you don’t want it. You see, too much of anything is a bad thing. The same goes for proteins. If you eat 5000 calories worth of proteins every day, then yeah… it will make you fat. But like I just wrote above… proteins are a better nutrient than carbs. They are going to make you feel full. They will keep your metabolism high. They will turn you into a fat burning machine. Combine your protein supplements with a rigid exercise regimen and you can kiss your flab goodbye.

Whey Isolate Concentrate Hydrolysate… What Does It Mean?

whey3Before you go out and buy what you think is the highest quality protein supplement powder shake out on the market today… first take the time to inform yourself what the various kinds there are.

First of… let me distinguish between two sorts of protein. You’ve got your casein protein and you’ve got your whey protein. The former is considered the slow one, the latter is considered the fast one.

Slow and fast applies to how quickly your body takes it all up. The fast one, whey, is generally considered better. Casein proteins take way longer to be absorbed and the protein uptake spike that eventually results can’t even hold a candle to the spike that whey causes.

Casein gives you mediocre results in about 3 hours, whereas whey gives you great results in about 40 minutes.

Most people are in agreement that whey is the superior one. I happen to agree. So first of all… always go for whey supplements rather than casein ones.

The difference between isolate and concentrate is that isolate has undergone a process of isolation, making the whey much purer than the concentrate. You could just say that the isolate is a high concentration form of a regular concentrate. It’s more expensive, because it had to undergo this process of isolation. But the purity means you get less undesired calories from carbs, cholesterols and other byproducts.

Then there’s the hydrolysate question. A powder supplement can be hydrolyzed, meaning that the proteins have been partially broken down. This is done by exposing it to either heat, acid or enzymes. These break the bonds that link up multiple amino acids into a protein molecule.

The process of hydrolyzation makes it so that your supplement is digested even quicker. But whey already digests pretty quickly all on its own. The speed increase is only very marginal. And a big drawback here is that hydrolyzation makes the supplement taste more bitter.

What Is The Cheapest, Top Whey Protein Shake Powder For Beginners, Teenagers, Athletes, Fat Guys, Skinny Guys And Ectomorphs Out Right Now?

whey4It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on taking your supplement pre, intra, post workout, at night, whether you’re a newbie, a teeny, an advanced lifter, a fat guy or a thin guy… the best one you can get is always isolated whey.

Don’t bother the hydrolates, they’re not worth the effort or the extra money. Plus they make your powder taste awkward. Whey in isolate form will digest quick enough as it is. Make this stuff a part of your daily life and you are likely to witness a small miracle.

If you’re currently not content with your body composition, then whey can help you fix this. You can gain lean muscle mass and burn body fat with it. It is bound to make you feel saturated and you will stop snacking on all sorts of sweets. Sweet stuff only makes your insulin spike. It programs your body for gaining fat. That’s not what you want. You want to carbs to go take a hike and you want to welcome whey into your life, especially when it’s isolated.

I always like to mix my whey into my quark breakfast. Whenever I have a mid afternoon ‘snack’, it’s usually also a bowl of quark with another scoop of powder in it. It tastes yummy and it beats a cup of coffee with a cookie. My cookie days have been over for a long, long time already. And I guarantee you, once you go high protein, you won’t go back.

What More Do I Need To Learn?

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