The Bulk Board Pre Workout Supplement Review

When you’re about to hit the gym, it’s important that you’ve got some food in your belly to make sure you last throughout the whole workout. And it better not be a candy bar! You’ve gotta load up on either carbs, proteins, or a combination of both.

You might be a person who does well on carbs, or not. If not, then skip the carbs and focus on the protein. Everybody’s got to have protein, though. If you got no protein, you’re obviously not going to build any muscle.

What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement For Bodybuilding?

There are plenty of supplements that are very suitable for taking before your workout. Here are a few to help you get started.

#1 Cobra Labs The Curse

pre1If you’re a big fan of big pumps, then this might be the supplement for you.

This one is said to give you very sharp focus and massive energy.

This can lead to a massive pump for you at the gym. Up your strength as well as your speed.

#2 BSN N.O.-Explode 2.0

pre2The follow up to the regular NO-Explode. It’s completely loaded with creatine that will give you the extra pump you need.

You can expect real performance increases from this.

It will enhance your muscle endurance, because it combats muscle fatigue.

#3 BSN Hyper FX

pre3If you’re stuck in a rut and want to increase your power to break through a plateau… then try this one.

Also claims to promote mental clarity.

If there’s anything you can not afford to miss out on if you are hitting the gym multiple times a week… it’s crystal clear focus on the weights!

#4 Cellucor C4 Extreme

pre4This one is pretty advanced and a best seller for a reason.

It is said to bring you mental clarity… the focus you need to do a proper job at the gym.

It provides you with that edge you need in order to pump out that last rep and to complete the last and hardest set.

Get this if you want to break your personal record.

#5 MusclePharm Assault

pre5A pretty complete list of ingredients can be found in this particular supplement.

This is said to promote explosive energy.

It will boost your strength and increase your focus.

It will keep you pumping out those reps in rapid succession.

#6 BPI Sports 1.M.R Vortex

pre6This supplement contains three unique ingredients, which are claimed to help you enhance your strength.

It also gives you unstoppable energy.

Will also improve your overall performance.

This one has been a fan favorite for a long time.

#7 Evlution Nutrition ENGN

pre7Bigger and better pumps. Delays muscular fatigue.

Reduces your recovery periods.

What more can you possible want? This one will provide you with the intense energy you need in order to bust through your training like a bull in a chinashop.

#8 RSP Nutrition Fast Fuel

pre8A powdered supplement with a great taste.

It will help you up your endurance.

This in turn helps you build more muscle.

It also helps you burn more fat and it even helps you shorten your recovery times.

This one stands out from the crowd in the sense that it has a big list of BCAA’s.

#9 Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

pre9If you want to be like your all time hero Schwarzenegger (and who doesn’t?), then this is the supplement for you.

Explosive energy, massive vascularity and a big pump will be yours for the taking.

This one is bound to help you fill up those muscles for sure.

#10 Jym Pre Jym

pre10This one is claimed to be backed up by scientific research.

There’s a list of 13 science backed ingredients in this supplement.

If your training is pretty intense, then this supp is going to help you maximize your lean mass gains.

Because everybody hates getting fatter when bulking up!

So Which One Is Really The Best?

I’ve tried out all of these. I don’t notice any real differences in the results. They’re all pretty good if you ask me. Better mental focus. More muscle gains. Less fatigue, etc.

They’ve proven themselves time and again. You simply get a better workout from these pre training protein supplements. It’s possible that I’ve missed your personal favorites in the list above, but that’s because there’s just too many out there for one guy to all try out.

Keep in mind that these supplements’ formulas change from time to time. Even if the sticker on the box is the same as the sticker on the box you bought half a year ago… it doesn’t mean the formula still is the same. It works the other way around as well… the formula might stay the same, but the sticker might change!

In the long term… none of this stuff matters. If you’re looking to gain muscle mass faster than you’re doing right now, then any supplement you’re going to try out will surely help you accomplish that goal.

Which One Do I Choose?

Depending on how well loaded your wallet is, you can go for either the high end, high priced pre supplements, or you can go for the low priced, discount pre supplements.

But you shouldn’t get hung up on the quality of a product. Because there’s also a little thing called ‘value for money’. And not all super high quality supps will also give you super high bang for the buck.

If you do some calculations, you very well might conclude that you will be cheaper off if you buy the lower priced stuff and then just use a bit more of it.

You’ll get the same amount of proteins as you would’ve from the expensive stuff. Except you’ll have saved money.

So you see, a guy’s gotta use his head when selecting the best pre training supplement.

There’s no sense in trying to figure out which one is the best, either. If you’re looking to get started for cheap, just figure out which one has the lowest price sticker on there and get going already.

Nobody has even gotten successful by succumbing to analysis paralysis and neither will you. Don’t be an endless dreamer… be an action taker!

Here’s some info on supplements during your training.

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