The Bulk Board Intra Workout Supplement Review

Everybody’s heard of taking supplements before and after your training. Not too many people are familiar with taking supplements during their training, however. There aren’t a whole lot of people doing it. Not at my gym, at least. But occasionally, me and a few other guys will munch on a protein bar or something similar.

During the day, your regular metabolism is burning through your fat reserves and your carbs as well. Amino chains are also metabolized throughout the day, even when you’re not actively doing anything at all. But when you are working out really, really hard… you’ll be burning through those amino storage levels at a much higher rate than when you’re sitting still.

Intra training supplements can really help you get through a workout. You see, when you are busting your nads in the gym on the heavy weights, your muscle tissue is quickly eating through your amino storage, carbs and mineral supplies. This means you’ve got no more building blocks left to synthesize those hardly needed proteins. That’s a big problem right there.

If you don’t want to hold yourself back, then you would do well do start supplementing yourself while working out. You will get more gains from this.

Taking Amino Acids During Your Workout

If you want your body to be able to repair and grow muscle, then a surplus of aminos is an absolute necessity. When lifting weights, more amino acids are required for your metabolism. You’re going to run out of energy rather quickly if you don’t.

Taking Carbohydrates During Your Workout

When it comes to carbs, you have to be really careful. Too few carbs in your system, and your body falls back onto amino molecules as a source of energy, which in turn depletes your amino stores. Too many carbs in your system, and your body will respond by ramping up insulin production. This, in turn, will prevent you from building muscle.

A very moderate amount of carbs can help you keep high levels of energy that are necessary for a successful workout. It can help you prevent your body from depleting your amino stockpiles, which in turn are required for repairing and growing that muscle mass.

Taking Vitamins During Your Workout

With all that talk of carbs, aminos and proteins, most people forget about the all too important vitamins and minerals (or co-enzymes). These are essential nutrients. They act in concert with one another and they perform hundreds of functions within the human body. They heal bones, heal wounds, increase your immune response, help your metabolism, etc.

If you want to be on your best peak performance so that you can gain muscle fast and effectively, then be sure not to skip on this stuff either. A good weight training multi vitamin can really go a long way.

What Is The Best Intra Workout Supplement For Bodybuilding?

I’ve made a handy dandy list for you to choose from!

#1 Beast Sports Aminolytes

intra1Best Sports has combined all of the required intra workout nutrients that you require for a hard training, in all the right doses.

You get 10 grams of amino acids, including the one that is arguably the most important… Leucine!

It also comes with very essential co-enzymes and electrolytes to make sure you synthesize proteins from your aminos optimally. This one is the best intra training supplement out on the market today.

It’s not for no reason that this one has an award winning formula. Highly recommended to amateurs and pros alike.

#2 Gaspari Size-On

intra2If you don’t feel like having to weed through a big list of macros throughout the day, then this might be the supplement for you.

If you don’t feel like having to watch all your protein, carb, fat and creatine ratios, then Size-On can take away a large part of your frustration.

This supplement brings you the whole deal. It’s pretty ideal for just about anybody that frequently hits the gym and needs to beef himself up when he’s gone through only half his exercises.

One portion contains over 7 grams of isolated protein and a bunch of carbs, which are slow to digest ofcourse. It also contains electrolytes and creatine.

#3 DS Splyce

intra3This is one great tasting mid training supplement. You’ll not only want to take this during your training, but also before and after.

Once you’ve had some of this, you’ll be hooked. With 10 grams of amino acids per serving, this one has great potential for building big, lean muscle mass fast.

If you want to get good results from your training, then this is one to consider. It’s a pretty complete list of amino molecules in here.

So rest assured you won’t be missing out on anything essential when you’re on the Splyce.

#4 Scivation Xtend

intra4This intra training supplement works on two different levels. First, it gives you 10 grams of amino acids. But you also get 25 grams of carbohydrates which are slow to digest.

And that’s key here.

Rapidly digested carbs are useless. You want endurance. So slow digesting it is. You never want to see a big insuling spike when you’re training, so these carbs will only provide a small one.

This is necessary in order to promote the most efficient amino uptake. You can rest assured that your growth won’t be limited in any way whatsoever.

#5 Omega Sports Strive

intra5This is one to take seriously. The geniuses from Omega have gone to extreme lengths in order to make sure that this supplement has all the best BCAA’s and casein hydrolysate proteins.

And they’ve made sure to add them in their purest form and also in all the right rations.

Now I understand that one size does not fit all. But come on… these guys have made a big effort to come up with a good formula that’s as close as possible to the average Joe.

And if you’re not a pro bodybuilder, then you don’t have the need to micro manage all your nutrients.

You’ve also got to have some after training supplements.

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