The Best Healthy Pre, Intra, Post Workout Recovery Supplements For Weight Lifting Reviews

Which Kind Of Training Supplements Ought I Be Using?

bulk board weight lifting supplementsPre, intra, post… that’s 3 opportunities for you to supplement your body when you are hitting the gym. Do you really need all 3? Or should you just settle for 2? Are supplements during training really necessary? Or can you just skip’em and stick to before and after your workout?

There isn’t a single answer that’s going to be a one size fits all. You see, there’s many kinds of different people and you’re just going to have to freewheel this a bit to find out what works well for you.

Most people know that you ought to have a nice dose of proteins after your workout. So, they reason, if you’re going to have a supplement before your training, then it better also be proteins. And then the supplement during your workout should probably be carbs, right?


So What’s The Best Way To Go For Me?

Best supplements for weight lifting - What to intakeThe fact of the matter is that you can do it anyway you like. If you’ve done protein powders before and after your workout and you’re doing great on it, by all means… keep doing it.

If you run out of energy after 6 exercises and you still have 2 to go, however, then you might want to go for an intra workout snack such as a carb bar, a protein bar, or a carb/protein bar.

Some people handle carbs better than others. If you can load up on carbs and still keep the fat off, then do so. If you know carbs make you fat and proteins do a good job of keeping you going… then for goodness’ sake… just do proteins!

If you’re looking for advice on ‘pre’ vs ‘post’ supplements… have a look at what has to say about it. The TL;DR version is that ‘pre’ protein wins because of the fact that your body will be able to absorb the macro nutrients you’ve poored into yourself during the workout that follows shortly thereafter.

What’s The Bulk Board’s Approach To Training Supps?

bulk board pre intra post training supplementsIn case you’re a guy that gets fat on carbs like me, I recommend that your only sources of carbs are fruits and vegetables. Nothing wrong with having a fruit or vegetable snack before a workout. I always get a major energy boost from having a tangerine or a banana.

During my workouts, I only have water. I personally don’t like filling up my stomach during my training. It makes me feel bloated and when I start doing my legs, it makes me wanna puke. No supps during my lifting. It’s just not for me.

When I get back from the gym, I immediately start loading up on proteins. Usually, I’ll have a big bowl of cottage cheese. I like to put some maple syrup in it to bring it up to taste. Granted, it’s a source of carbs that’s not fruits or vegatables. But nobody is perfect. Besides, it’s only a small spoon and it really helps me gobble up all that cottage cheese.

What Other Options Are There?

Wait… what? There’s more options?

As if pre, intra and post wasn’t enough… there’s also supplements you can take when you’re nowhere near a workout. And they also don’t have anything to do with carbs or proteins.

If you’re past your mid twenties like I am, then it’s possible that you are starting to notice the effects of lower levels of testosterone. And it’s only going to go downhill from hereon out.

You are not completely powerless against mother nature’s ruthless onslaught of your very manliness, however. There are foods you can eat to counter it, and boosters you can take to improve it!

For a good number of years now, powerful & effective testosterone boosters have been available on the market for whoever wants to help himself out with his energy levels, his sex drive and his physique.

Higher testosterone levels will allow you to train harder for longer. And your workouts will be way more effective. Cure your low t levels, and you’re likely to cure your energy levels as well. You won’t be as tired after a workout as you are now.

A treatment for low levels of testosterone exists, so why not make use of it? It’s probably the kindest thing you can do for yourself if you want to keep lifting for the rest of your life.

What Other Type Of Supplements Are There?

I’m big on t-boosters myself. But since I aim to inform you as well as I can, I’d like to discuss a big list of other supplements available to you. Read on!

 #1 Fish Oil

This supplement can be used to treat joint pain. The fatty acids will help your body in its task of greasing up those aching joints. It is claimed to reduce inflammation, which leads to faster recovery.

#2 Beta Alanine

This is the precursor molecule to an amino acid called carnosine. Carnosine is said to ward off acidity of the cells during your workout. The reduced fatigue makes you last longer, giving you the chance to get more gains in lean mass.

#3 Branched chain amino acids (BCAA)

There are three amino acids that fall in the BCAA category. These are leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are said to play an important role in the building of muscle.

If you’ve ever bought proteins powders (and who hasn’t), then you will probably have come across a brand that was promoting itself based on the fact that it was ‘leucine enriched’.

#4 Caffeine

Alright… we all know this one. Ever had a cup of coffee? Even if a cup of Joe is not your cup of tea, then it’s likely you’ve still tried out a cup of Joe at some point in time.

Caffeine’s cognition enhancing effects are clearly felt by anybody who has ever drunk coffee. You’ve got to be careful not to take too much of it before you go to sleep. You will develop a tolerance for the stimulating effect. The sleep prevention effect, however, stays intact.

Isn’t that nice?

#5 Glutamine

Another amino acid. It’s claimed to have muscle building properties. This is also promoted as a supplement for increasing the health of you intestinal tract.

Very little glutamine ever ends up in your muscle tissue. The lion’s share of it ends up being used by your liver as well as your intestines. For this reason, it can relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

It might not be the most potent of muscle building supplements… but there you have it.

#6 Nitric Oxide Boosters

These will boost your nitric oxide, giving you the feeling known as ‘the pump’. Nitric oxide can’t be supplemented, because it’s got a half life of only a few seconds. That stuff will have broken down by the time it hits your stomach.

That’s why it comes in the form of boosters. These boosters stimulate the production of enzymes that create nitric oxide inside your own body.

In this type of supplement, there is a number of popular ingredients you’ve probably already heard of at some point. They are L-arginine, L-citrulline, Agmatine and Beetroot.

#7 L-Carnitine

This amino acid is said to be a fat burner. Having a shortage of this in your body can be a big, big bottleneck when it comes to burning fat.

In order to shed those pounds, fatty acids need to be transported to the mitochondria, which oxidates (read: burns) them in order to produce energy.

And this amino acid just so happens to play a very important role in that.

#8 Protein Powders

Everybody has used these at some point in their lives. There’s not much I need to say about them. These powder supplements have one single goal: to add protein to your diet.

Protein is protein. These powders work really well. Once you’ve stuffed yourself with chicken breast and cottage cheese, and you still need to add some protein to your daily intake because your diet prescribes it… this is an easy way to do it.

Proven to work. Can’t live without. Just get this already.

#9 Creatine

One of my personal favorites next to protein powders. This supplement works well, has no negative side effects and is dirt cheap. What’s not to love?

Creatine is a naturally occurring energy for your muscle cells. You can supplement this directly. In the first week or two, you use a lot of it because you’re loading up on the stuff. Then you simply take 5 grams a day for maintenance.

This supplement is heavily researched. Next to increasing your lift, it is also said to relieve depression, extend life and provide mental clarity.

It really is a small miracle in a bottle.

#10 Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

While some people say this helps you build mass, it’s mostly touted as a fat burner.

Unlike L-carnitine, this molecule does not require the mitochrondria to burn fat. Instead, this activates your body’s so called peroxisomal beta oxidation system.

Peroxisomes (aka microbodies) are organelles. An organelle is a sub unit of a cell, with a specific task. And peroxisomes just so happen to be dedicated to oxidating fat chains.

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